My name is Daniel Bartels and I am a gen-Y entrepreneur, a father, technology addict, social media expert, sports fanatic and international water polo referee. You will probably gather that like most Gen-Y’ers I grew up thinking not only that I could do it all but that I could own it all as well.

I have taken an interesting journey through the past 30 years and I continue to learn more and more about life, business, our economy, technology, social media, business, people and family.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia and have lived here my whole life. With a varied background of English, Irish and Serbian heritage my parents and grandparents have provided me with some quite opposing opinions on the ways of the world.

Growing up I attended 2 different primary schools and 2 different high schools. I graduated from Sydney University with a Economics Degree and returned to teritiary education a few years later to complete an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

Much of my youth was spent in the chlorine soaked world of the swimming pools around Sydney as I was a junior state level representative swimmer until I moved on to be a very successful Water Polo player. It was in the Water Polo pool that I found my real passion for sport. Due to successive injuries, I became a referee and quickly shot up the ranks of State and then National Water Polo referees until I was eventually selected to become a FINA Water Polo referee in 2008.

Like many men my age, I spent much of my 20’s thinking that I was too agile to be tied down by just one woman, until my wife came along and I didn’t really stand a chance after that! We are proud parents of a wonderful baby girl.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and posts.

Daniel Bartels


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